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RUST | Recoil.Club Script


Introducing Rust Scripts, your ultimate tool for mastering Rust’s intense battles. Our scripts offer precise recoil control, enhanced accuracy, and tactical advantages to elevate your gameplay. Whether you’re aiming for pinpoint accuracy with weapons or optimizing your strategy with customizable features, Rust Scripts empower you to dominate every encounter. Join the ranks of skilled players who rely on for superior performance and strategic advantage in Rust.
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Windows 10+11

Flawless recoil control for all weapons & attachments
Supports both old & new recoil
X & Y control amount
Auto detection for all weapons & scopes & Barrels
Smart detection
Customizable randomization
Customizable keybinds

Unload on key
Hip-fire control
Automatically detects game settings
Anti AFK
Auto fire
Auto Fish
Configuration system
Supports Multiple Languages


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