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Introducing Monolith External Rust Cheat. Elevate your Rust gameplay with Cheat Monolith External, the ultimate tool for achieving supremacy. This feature-packed external cheat offers a suite of advanced capabilities, including precision aimbot, comprehensive ESP, and fully customizable options designed to fit your unique playstyle. Engineered for top-tier security and performance, Cheat Monolith External ensures you stay undetected and in control. With seamless integration and a user-friendly interface, you’re equipped to conquer any challenge in the harsh world of Rust. Experience the best on the market with Monolith External Rust Cheat.

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WINDOWS 10+11 (11 having issues currently will have to downgrade most likely)

Combat Features
Silent Aimbot, shoots at the target without aiming at them
Adjustable silent aim keybind
Memory Aimbot, moves your camera to the target
Adjustable Memory aim keybind
Memory Aim Smoothness with 6 different smoothing options
Adjustable aimbot Field of view
Draw aimbot FOV toggle
Dynamic FOV, scales the aimbot FOV circle to your cameras FOV
Keep aimbot target option, keeps the same target when out of the FOV
Aimbot Target bone option
No weapon recoil, scalable slider to adjust your recoil amount
No weapon spread, scalable slider to adjust your bullet spread
Full auto weapon, auto shoots semi automatic weapons
No Scope Sway
Fastest Possible bullets, bullets move at the maximum possible speed allowed
Adjustable bullet thickness allowing you to hit targets up to 1m away from your bullet
Always Hit Bone, forces your hits to become a select bone, hit headshots, randomized or no head

Movement Features
Perfect anti speed violations, prevents you from moving too fast and being rubber banded allowing you to waste no time by travelling at the maximum speed possible everywhere you travel
Visualize your current speed violation percentage
Speedhack, run at a adjustable speed of your choice while the keybind is held
Shoot while in air
No Fall Damage
Infinite Jump
No player Collision
No Tree Collision
Automatically Sprint
Sprint all Directions “Omnisprint”
Flight with adjustable key
Flight Auto Ground Hover, automatically hover along the terrain
Flight Prevent Flying Into Ground, stops you from flying into the ground
Adjustable Flight Smoothness
Walking Stick To Slopes lets you stick on any slope less than a 90 degree angle

Highly optimized Player Skeleton ESP, no performance impact whatsoever
Adjustable Skeleton colours
Skeleton Highlight Option
Player Distance ESP
Player Name ESP
Player Box ESP
Adjustable Filled box amount
Player Healthbars
Fading in player snaplines
Adjustable snapline colour options
Crosshair options
3D Out of FOV Arrows, a 3 dimensional arrow points the direction of players
Adjustable Out of FOV Arrow colours
Custom made Player held item icons, displays a clean icon below the player displaying their current held weapon
Enemy Player Ammo Counter, draws an indicator showing how much ammo they have in their weapon
Ammo Counter Type, show it as a circle, coloured icon or text
Player Belt ESP, an animated bar displays other players inventory items with Image Icons
Adjustable Belt ESP Size
Option to make the belt scale with your ingame UI scale size
Option to space and size your icons exactly the same as your game does in your hotbar
Option to display belt items durability
Option to show how many of an item players have in their Belt
Option to center your belt icons
Option to change how the belt bar is animated
Crosshair Ammo Indicator, around your reticule a strip of animated ammo is displayed showing the current loaded ammo type and how much there is, all displayed besides your crosshair
Reload Bar Indicator, shows how much time is left before your reload finishes
Projectile Trails, no performance impact, displays beautiful animated projectile trails
Adjustable Projectile Trail Colour
Adjustable Projectile Trail Fade Speed
Outline Projectile Trails option
Draw Projectiles, draws an adjustable shape at the projectiles position
Draw Hit Notification
Adjustable Hit Notification Display area height
Adjustable Notification duration
Player Chams with 34 different options
Weapon Chams with 34 different options
Hand Chams with 34 different options
Hand Clothes Chams with 34 different options

World Visuals
Dropped Item ESP
Filter dropped item option
Multiselectable Categorized Item Filter options
Night Brightness adjuster
Disable All Game Shadows option
Top Down Shadows, makes shadows a 90 degree angle from above downwards
Remove Fog
Remove Distant Fog, removes the distant fog 500m+
Remove Underwater Effect
Adjustable Star Brightness
Adjustable Camera Field Of View
Adjustable Sky Contrast
Adjustable Sky Sun Set Amount
Remove Jump Animation
Remove Landing Animation
Adjustable Custom Time
Tree Visibility X-Ray keybind
Monument Visibility X-Ray keybind
Buildings Visibility X-Ray keybind
Terrain Visibility X-Ray keybind
Water Visibility X-Ray keybind
Draw Names below entities option
Draw Dots below entities option
Draw Entity Image Icons option
Adjustable Max Text, dot and Image fade distance
Animated, custom made entity Icons that automatically adjust to the exact size of the ingame entity
Easy to navigate Entity Searchbar, easily display the entity you want to

Loading Screen Status Popup, displays the current loading text when joining a server and tabbed out of the game
Instantly revive players
Instantly Untie Underwater Crates
Enable compass on hardcore servers
Enable Map on hardcore servers
Instantly pickup construction, such as doors and boxes
Fast Respawn, lets you instantly respawn instead of waiting 5 seconds
Zoom key, smoothly zoom in your camera like binoculars with an adjustable amount and keybind
Admin flagless debug camera, safely go into freecam without any adminflags
Adjustable Freecam keybind and slow/fast speed
Censor Team Member Names
Censor All names with Random names, for recording videos and you want to hide what server you are on
Adjustable Overlay FPS


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